Energy and Alternative Energy Opportunities Investment Strategies

Energy Opportunities originated as a 50% / 50% venture between Orleans Capital Management (portfolio manager) and Simmons & Company International (research sub-advisor) that began in 2000. Its investment strategy was based on the thesis of relentless growing energy demand in non-OECD regions coupled with increasing supply-related challenges. The key investment professionals have been Farrell Crane (portfolio manager with OCM) and Scott Gill (co-head research with SCI).

Energy Opportunities Capital Management, L.L.C. (EOCM)

Energy Opportunities Capital Management, LLC (EOCM) was formed in 2008 as a Registered Investment Advisor to further advance the Energy Opportunities investment strategies. The company employed the two key investment professionals, Farrell Crane and Scott Gill, as its principals of the Energy Opportunities family of strategies as well as of the firm. EOCM is a Delaware limited liability company, formed on May 9, 2008. EOCM became a SEC registered investment adviser on October 6, 2008.

The EOCM portfolio management team has remained unchanged since the inception of the strategy, with the two portfolio managers having combined experience in energy, investments, and securities analysis totaling in excess of 60 years. EOCM levers its in-house expertise and experience to identify emerging trends across the broad array of energy investment opportunities as well as under followed and under exposed energy investment opportunities.

Capitalize on Existing and Developing
Energy Supply and Demand Dynamics

The Energy Opportunities family of strategies is designed to capitalize on existing and developing energy supply and demand fundamentals and their impact on various companies within the universe of publicly traded equity securities. Investments have historically emphasized fossil fuels and the relentless demand from growth in the emerging economies of the world. In addition, our strategies seek exposure to the “future” of energy and transformative technologies that will increasingly impact how the world sources and uses energy, including, renewable energy, electrification and related infrastructure and efficiencies from AI and robotics.

Investment Strategies

EOCM’s family of investment strategies include:


Inception October 2000. The inherent evolution and dynamics of the energy complex dictates a broad working knowledge of the industry and an adaptiveness toward identifying major trends. The Original strategy is focused on the broad energy complex identifying the best secular growth opportunities.

Energy Dynamics

Inception October 2007. The Energy Dynamics strategy is concentrated in clean, alternative, and renewable energy sources as well as disruptive, transformational and energy efficiency technologies. The firm has one of the longest performance track records in this rapidly emerging space.

Tactical Allocation

Inception March 2016. The Tactical Allocation strategy is concentrated in cyclical-recovery equities offering high return potential. The investment philosophy is to identify beaten down energy stocks that are poised for a meaningful rebound during an energy recovery. This strategy is expected to have a short time horizon.


Throughout its history, EOCM has also managed customized investment strategies developed to meet the specific portfolio requirements of the client as related to the client’s overall energy investment exposure.