Orleans Fixed Income Committee Employs a Team Approach

  • Regular meetings to ensure consistent and systematic review of portfolio
  • Rigorous credit review and analysis
  • Strict adherence to client specific guidelines
  • Assistance with developing investment policy statement or risk parameters

Portfolio Construction and Analytical Testing

  • Diversification of holdings across yield curve maturity spectrum
  • Analytical testing of portfolio performance in a range of economic scenarios including changes in:
    • Interest Rates
    • Yield curve
    • Quality
    • Sector spreads

Investment Process: Top Down Theme Identification

  • Our process is centered around macro theme identification which involves studying the global landscape for trends that will impact investment decisions.
  • Discussion of supply and demand fundamentals
  • Consideration of relative attractiveness of spreads among sectors
  • We are not beholden to benchmark sector weightings
  • With diverse backgrounds and experiences, each portfolio manager brings a different perspective of the investment world to the table.
  • Years of observations and macro environment study has been central to our long term success and sets Orleans Capital apart from its competition.

Fixed Income Buy and Sell Discipline

While simultaneously reevaluating the securities in our portfolios from a bottom-up perspective, we reevaluate the top down macro and thematic views chosen.