Insurance Funds

Understanding of the Unique Operating Characteristics of Your Fund

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of the unique operating characteristics of your fund which influence investment strategy. We assist you in establishing appropriate investment guidelines and performance benchmarks to measure the value added provided by our investment management.

Orleans Capital's investment philosophy is to ensure the achievement of your fund's goals from your investment portfolio with minimal, understandable, and quantifiable risk.

We Carefully Manage Cashflow

We carefully manage cashflow, considering both maturities and income, to ensure that your cash needs will be met even in the event of extreme underwriting results. We structure holdings to protect the fund from the risk of forced liquidations that would create unwanted losses from untimely asset sales. This enables you to effectively meet your fund’s underwriting obligations as well as to provide for the payment of dividends. Also, by gaining confidence that your liquidity requirements are met, we can be more productive with the remaining assets of the portfolio.

Orleans Capital provides a full range of investment, analytical and management support services for insurers

  • Fully discretionary asset management
  • Assistance in formulating an appropriate investment policy, objectives, guidelines and performance benchmarks
  • Regulatory agency assistance
  • Rating agency assistance
  • Asset - liability matching
  • Risk-based capital analysis
  • Regulation 126 compliance